Camelot Properties Property Management

We can Help Manage Your Tri-County Rental Property

We offer a fulll range of property management services custom-made to you as a homeowner, landlord, or an investor. We have a widespread porfolio with about 190 properties in the Tri-County Area from owners all around the world.

Benefits of Using  Our Property Management Company

If you're a landlord or just looking to make money with real estate. It's crucial to understand how to manage a property the right way. The fact of the matter is anyone can manage a property, if they are willing to deal with the ups and downs that come with the bussiness. However, a skilled property management company can add significant value to not only you, but also you're investment. Our management company is an integral part of safeguarding your investment. Take a look at a few ways our company can work for you.

  1. Tenant screening which involves ( credit checks, employment verification, and background checks).   
  2. Licensed contractors   
  3. On the clock marketing from a Marketing Specialist ( resulting in shorter vacancy rates).           
  4. Direct access to Our Management Team     
  5. Rent collection and eviction filing if necessary.

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